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the president knew. >>> struck down. one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country and there was a major ruling late today. >>> taking a hit. a stunner from consumer reports. some of the most popular cars on a the the road are no longer recommended. >>> and the babies born in the middle of a natural disaster now thriving as their first birthdays arrive. "nightly news" begins now. >>> good evening. among industrialized nations, spying is considered something
to law enforcement and smartphone users that say they are intrigued by the idea of a stun gun being attached to their smartphone. this one comes from yellow jacket. if you're attacked, you can temporarily stun the attacker with the stun gun and run away. it's being marketed in the bay area. >> i know it's been a hot topic, ipho iphone thefts recently. my suggestion is vigilance. >> the case comes in several colors is very sale on the yellow jacket company website. it will cost $99. it has iphone 4 and 4s cases for sale now. it will soon have cases for the 5. here's a look at it and how it works and how it sounds. >> pretty scary. thanks, scott. >>> a surge in home burglaries in the mountains is getting the attention of sheriff's deputies tonight. they will host a public meeting at redwood estate pavilion at 7:00 tonight. they will talk about the break-ins and organize a neighborhood safety plan. >>> happening now, a desperate search on the peninsula for this missing man. he went for a walk yesterday and never returned. he left his home on ralston avenue at 9:00 in the morning. he is
two bart workers were struck and killed by a train, the state is mandating new safety laws. a three-way communication system, speed restrictions, and warning tracking systems are now required. >> at least two of the transit agencies, but possibly all the larger one in the state, took the most recent negotiated draft and actually started implementing that ahead of today's decision. they had already be >> they were set to be implemented today. >>> several lawyers are offering to help free of charge. she was pull over tuesday night in san diego for speeding. when the officer noticed she was wearing those google glasses, the officer tacked on another citation for being distracted by a video or tv screen. she argues that google glasses are neither. >>> we're getting more details about joe montana's project. he wants to build a nine acre site that would include a luxury hotel and entertainment space. the goal is to have the project done in time for super bowl l in 2016. >> we're in the very early stages. >> another developer has presented a much larger project. it would be on 215 acres. >
was wearing google glass he added a second violation. california law prohibits video scenes in the front seat unless it's a gps unit or displaying a map. >>> does your new iphone 5s have a short battery life? apple is telling "new york times" a manufacturing issue is causing some batteries to cause longer to charge or simply die faster. apple did not say how many iphones are affected but the company is reaching out to customers to replace those defective phones. >>> we survived a chilly night and rewarded with some sunshine today. thank you, jeff. >> hey, no problem. coming here to help everybody out after that cold week and plenty of cloud cover to start. down to 31 degrees and. thea at 32 and dublin coming in at 37 degrees and also san ramon at 39. as we head throughout tomorrow's norcast, warming in here, but don't expect warm temperatures before the noon hour. just going to stay on the cool side for most of us. mid-40s for the most part to start at 5:00 a.m. for the east bay and south bay and a bit of cloud cover and no fog storm in the forecast. most of us in the upper 50s to low and mid
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4